How to Escape pigeons from Hawks attack.

Dear friend in sport. As promised i am posting for you a Method called . CODICE LIVIA. This method was invented by veterinary Adriano Verardi In Italy it is proven by documentation that it works. Veterinary Adriano Verardi Colony especially the young inexperienced birds where systematically decimated by all sort hawks killing about two birds per week to the extent that he was loosing all year after year and he had to quit or find a solution. His lofts are situated very near woodlands and hills breeding grounds for peregrines and every other predator species.

From two killings per week the killings came down to 0.

The method is as i will show in pictures provided To Paint/ spray a small patch on the tail with Yellow strip than black strip and again yellow strip.

As explained by the veterinary Adriano Veradi the yellow /black /yellow patch is the predators own colours especially on their tail and feet, so they will hesitate to attack as they will think it is another predator and think twice as they might end being eaten not eat. Even if they attack seeing this patch they will retract the attack and deviate to safety

There is no harm nor for the bird nor for the predator, so please try to use this proven method and see if it works for you and possibly report how it goes.

Here below are the pictures provided in the documentation of the experiment.

Good luck.

Source: Andrew Pace