Vision of Medi-Assist

  • To take-care our member health & their concerns.
  • Provide 24/7 assistance for all our members.
  • Provide Aid & Assistance during Hospitalization.

Key points of Medi-Assist

  • KRPC Medi-Assist Team will reach out to the family members during medical emergencies.
  • Member can claim Rs.10,000 to 20,000 (max).
  • To claim a copy of hospital discharge or patient bill summery to be submitted.
  • Amount can be claimed only if the member is hospitalized for more than 3 days.
  • Applicable on a yearly basis.
  • Medi-Assist can’t be claimed when influenced under Alcohol or any other Drugs.
  • Member involved in unethical practices or demand, misbehave, Medi-Assist team has all rights to withdraw/cancel the said facilities offered.
  • Member should request assistance from KRPC within 24 hrs.
  • KRPC Medi-Assist is only for active members.
  • For Retired members at the age of 60 and above.


  • Past members Race fees – Rs 10,000
  • Club function Fee – Rs 7,500
  • Fees system is changed as per the directive of our President Mr. Surender ( Suresh).
  • As on date, KRPC has decided to waive of club function fee for our members.
  • 5000/- what the members are paying as 50% of the race fees of 10000/-
  • 5000 + 5000 = 10,000 would be given as the medical assistance to the members and the members family(wife & kids) this can be utilized once a year to an individual.
  • This will be only given to the new founder members of KRPC
  • This medical assistance would be given to members till there life time retirement( if you are active or non active in KRPC)
  • KRPC will be taking care of the race fees difference amount so the members will be benefiting of Rs 5000/-
  • KRPC Medi-Assit will be collecting Rs 5000/- Per Year
  • KRPC as given liberty to all members can pay Installment of Rs 500 per month for 12 month.
  • Members are liable to pay for the rings at the time of issuance of club rings.
  • In case if members participate in Federation races or Open races, members are liable to pay the complete race fees.


  • Startup investment of 1,20,000/ Sponsored by our President Mr. Surender (Suresh)

KRPC Medi Assist will be active from the year 2021.
KRPC will continue to serve with great pride under the leadership of our President Mr.
Surender ( Suresh).